El gran combo

El gran combo 2019

Yolanda hires Nicki Nicole and Rocío Ro-Ro for a robbery. They furtively get their hands on a drug load. The Princesita will go on a hunt to get back what belongs to her.

Heroic Losers

Heroic Losers 2019

In a town in the Northwest of the province of Buenos Aires, a group of neighbors is organized to recover the economy of the area, but when the Corralito is implemented in the country and they suffer a fraud, their hopes disappear. Now, they will unite to recover the lost money and give the blow of their lives to their greatest enemy.

Fiction crew

Fiction crew 2019

The universe is a strange place, even stranger than we can imagine. Nightmares converge and intertwine in the dark universe of Fiction Crew, an anthology composed by twelve stories part of the same reality.

33 Words About Design

33 Words About Design 2019

Film research of design in Russia. Many believe that a specifically Russian approach to design does not exist. But what if they underestimate the influence of culture, history and surrounding reality on the style and aesthetic guidelines of those who shape our visual environment? Natasha Klimchuk, Tim Cherny and Olya Morozova, leaders of the Bang Bang Education online design school, have assembled a company of 33 contemporary Russian designers. Among them are many famous names: Artemy Lebedev, Valery Golyzhenkov, Pokras Lampas, Anton Schneider, Denis Bashev, Oleg Pashchenko. They all speak and think in Russian and are inevitably inspired by what has become part of our everyday life, books, practices, rituals, holidays, economics, historical memory and fashion. With the help of these 33 guides, the almanac will try to find the features and boundaries of our national perception of beauty and look at what ethical and aesthetic values ​​we carry to the world.

Ejen Ali The Movie

Ejen Ali The Movie 2019

After being accidentally recruited as a spy, 12-year-old Ejen Ali embraces his role in secret agency MATA as Cyberaya's new line of defense. Unknown to Ali, MATA has developed his invention the Atlas gadget to upgrade IRIS into IRIS Neo, testing it as standard equipment for all MATA agents. When the new invention leads to Ali questioning his place and usefulness to MATA, he is approached by a rogue figure who claims to know about a surprising personal connection to Ali. Risking his loyalty to MATA, Ejen Ali embarks on a thrilling chase to unravel these mysterious links.

The Beast

The Beast 2019

Two rival detectives with different methods try to solve the murder of a missing girl after discovering her mutilated body in the tidelands of Incheon.

Penoza: The Final Chapter

Penoza: The Final Chapter 2019

The Black Widow is not dead ... Drug Queen Carmen van Walraven is hiding in Canada and leads an anonymous life there. One evening a colleague is harassed and Carmen helps her. In self-defense, she kills the perpetrator, is arrested and extradited to the Netherlands. While her children are in shock that their mother is still alive, there are also some people who still have to settle something with Carmen. Everyone is again dragged into an emotional rollercoaster. Carmen will now have deal with her past to save her family.


Betabiyan 2019

Betabiyan is a romantic, light comedy and a melodious family love story.

Решала: Нулевые

Решала: Нулевые 2019

2008 year. Old friends Kostya and Zavgar come up with not quite legal schemes of earnings. Money comes easy and just as easy to leave. It seems that this success will be eternal. But each has its own trap, especially if you want even more money. Kostya starts a big game, which can cost him and Zavgar freedom, friendship and even life itself.

First Love

First Love 2019

A young boxer and a call girl get caught up in a drug-smuggling scheme over the course of one night in Tokyo.


Misunderstanding 2019

Two young people are in innocent love. Love, and harmony. In this idyllic story, third person get involved. Seeking for piece of love. It would be a an everyday love drama, but if the two lovers are Serb and Albanian in the divided city, and the spokeswoman of KFOR wants Serbian, things really can get out of control. Stories of illicit love affairs have become part of folklore, but what happens when love causes the war? And when he starts, a war is nothing but a carnival of the hate.

Cazador, la película

Cazador, la película 2019

Melkor is a rebellious demon who choses Buenos Aires to turn it into his personal hell by unleashing a demonic invasion. Zombies and demons walk the earth. All is chaos, fire, and death. The only one capable of stopping the hordes of the underworld is Cazador, but he only seems interested in drinking, eating, and fucking. To spark his interest the key will be Bussi the bear, his favorite plush toy. Based on the 90s comic.